About us

Individuals with no documented employment history such as university students, those who have lost their jobs as well as the low-but-regular-income earners such as mechanics, vendors, and other small business owners are faced with a range of challenges and wish they had a partner to assist them.

Lack of a combination of business direction, hope, professional guidance and capital are some of the biggest challenges that such individuals face. Though banks have money to lend, very few individuals qualify for mainstream bank loans and/or micro finance loans. The most common excuse that banks and micro finance institutions give for this unwillingness to lend certain individuals is the lack of TRUST in them.

Speaking at the signing of a Uganda Shillings 147.2 billion lending contract to Roofings, Mr. Philip Odera, MD of Stanbic Bank said that "the banks accepted to lend the money because they had confidence and TRUST in Roofings."

It is a SOCIETY that identifies and certifies People you can TRUST.

What guarantee is there that the people you recommend are bankable?
The guarantee is in the character certification and business accreditation process.

Can you tell me about this process?
The process entails monitoring and nurturing a person's growth in relevance and reliability in order to generate individual and collective profiles of people you can TRUST.

Who should become part of the BANKABLE SOCIETY?
There are four scenarios of people that suit our membership structures:

  • Any person who wishes to build a personal and business profile that a wider network of Society can reward with trust and access to opportunities.

  • Individuals that are in need of accredited business partners and certified services.

  • Companies or organizations that are looking for employees with a work ethic.

  • Anyone looking for investment and profit-sharing opportunities.