THE BANKABLE LIFE CLASS is designed to skill individuals on how to build the kind of TRUST that not only banks but also employers, manufacturers, wholesalers and other business stakeholders are looking for. We are a Society of TRUST BUILDERS with the aim of not only assisting you to qualify for funding but also opening your eyes to side-income opportunities and access to all the resources that come with TRUST. We believe that for one to earn other people's TRUST there is need to demonstrate one's bankability by increasingly becoming reliable and relevant.

What to expect from the Thursday BANKABLE LIFE CLASSES

  1. Eye-for-Income-Opportunities Training
  2. There-and-then funding-in-cash for starting an income-generating project. No contracts and no collateral security required.
  3. Relationship Building and Peer Support
  4. Assistance with Business ideas, design and operations
  5. Collective Investment and Profit Sharing
  6. Entertainment
  7. Access to hard-to-reach high profile individuals